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# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene085

Santa Girl`s Gooey Feet (& Boots) A must for fans of gooey SOLES & TOES. but also plenty of clean shots ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene086

Santa Girl`s Gooey Feet (& Boots) A must for fans of gooey SOLES & TOES. but also plenty of clean shots ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene082

Seri `Barefoot at the Restaurant & Bare Licking and Crushing` Seri took off her boots & socks under the table at a ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene083

Yuri & Sakura in `Feet Fighter` Yuri & Sakura dressed as Chun-Li & Sakura for a messy shoot for PiedAsianGirls.com・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene084

Yuri & Sakura in `Clean Bare Feet & Tickling` Yuri & Sakura are 2 young Japanese students with delicious feet! ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene079

Japanese Ballerina Feet Volume 1: Ryoko - Clean Hot young Japanese ballerina Ryoko shows off her dancing and her strong, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene080

Japanese Ballerina Feet Volume 2: Ryoko - Messy Hot young Japanese ballerina Ryoko shows off her dancing and her strong, sexy ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene081

Seri in `Boots and White Socks Crushing and Foot-licking` Seri crushes stuff in boots, then does boot-filling: jelly, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene076

Miho in `The China Dress` Miho wanted to wear a Chinese dress in a messy scene, but we told her she had to pass a quiz on ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene077

"Pie Tournament #2 `Girls AND Boys` Version"5 girls & 5 guys playing with shaving cream pies. It starts with the big 4 girl/4 guy ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene078

"Pie Party #2 `Only Girls Pied` Version"Our 2nd big pie party, feat. Jessica, Sunny, Tommy, Betty, Maichin & (blast from the past!) Mai! ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene073

Maki and the Genie Yuko (Sailor Moon) & Maki (Pie Tournament 1) star in a skit where bikini-clad Maki meets a genie and gets 3 ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene074

"Midori & Junchan in `Messy Maids`"Midori & Junchan have teamed up again in a goofy sketch about two maids--but instead of ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene075

"Yuko in `Lum-chan`s Messy Game`"Yuko (from `Sailor Moon vs the Slime Monster`) stars as another anime character, Lum-chan. ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene070

Japanese Mud Virgins Volume 1: Chika & Hanako The first MUD video from Aikawa Productions!!! Chika & good friend Hanako play ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene071

Yuko in `Bare Feet: Clean & Messy` Cute young Japanese girl Yuko (from our `Sailor Moon` scene at PiedAsianGirls.com) shows us ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene072

Yuri & Sakura in `Messy Bare Feet & Crushing` Yuri & Sakura are young Japanese students with delicious feet! They start ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene067

"The Pie Tournament"It`s 8 super-cute Asian girls playing pie-in-the-face games with shaving cream pies, and having a ladder t・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene068

"The Pie Party (Girls only)"This video features Sakura, Yoshiko and 3 other girls getting pied at our `pie party`. Mostly shaving ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene069

"Sailor Moon vs The Slime Monster"Our girl Yuko (from The Pie Tournament!) stars as Sailor Moon, fighting a huge monster that ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene064

Another virgin! And she`s sexy & luscious (& young!) A simple game; when she loses, she gets messy. She takes lots of pies to ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene065

IT`S FINALLY READY! After a long wait for the edit, Yuri & Sakura are here as Chun-Li & Sakura, with actual fights & TONS of mess・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene066

This is the same file as #0190 above, BUT it contains a couple extra minutes of Kaoru playing in the shaving cream with our director.・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene061

Sexy Japanese girl Miho wrote a letter to Santa asking for sweets, and she gets her wish! Tons of pie, cream & slime, all over her ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene062

Midori & Junchan are back! Japanese-goth Midori is late for their appointment, so Junchan (in dominatrix mode!) has to punish her: ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene063

Momo & Aoi (`Bowling for Pies`) are back in their sketch debut! Momo is a maid who`s sick of cleaning, but Nurse Aoi has a special・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene058

This scene features our 2 new Australian `Pied Asian Girls`! Two awesome new girls + pies + stripping down to their underwear ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene059

Kyo`s back! This time she`s a high school student tied, messed up & humiliated by a mystery captor. She protests & begs him not ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene060

Submissive Japanese girl Midori LOVES to be handcuffed, have her hair pulled & have pies smashed in her face. She`s a student who・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene055

Goth girl Midori teamed up with another new amateur, Fumiko, who also gets turned on by being pied. They`re both pretty submissive・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene056

Kyo`s boss insists she learn English - or pay the penalty! Lots of pies, slime, choco syrup and a little honey! There are lots of little・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene057

19-year-old Kahiru (from `Stripped & Pied Schoolgirl`) is back in a sketch about a girl who gets slimed every time she says `I don`t ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene052

Maichin & Pyan in `Let`s Fucking Bake!` (Long Version) Starts out the SAME as #0109 `Let`s Bake! - Short Version`: Maichin ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene053

Pie&slime virgin Seri was really curious about getting messy. And she wanted to feel it all over her whole body, so she got messy ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene054

20-year-old pie&slime virgins Yuri & Sakura - our cutest pie girls in a long time - were dying to take their first pies in the face・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene049

The `Virgins` series continues with Miho`s first time. She plays rock, paper, scissors to win prizes - or to get pied in the face & s・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene050

Witch Sakura takes our Halloween quiz and gets candy for every right answer. For every wrong answer... can you guess? Lots of・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene051

Maichin in `Let`s Fucking Bake!` (Short Version) Maichin is the sexy host of a Japanese cooking show who unexpectedly takes・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene046

MIE'S MESSY FEET AND FACE・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene047

MAI'S(RIE) SLIMY FEET AND FACE・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene048

We wanted to test some different brands of shaving cream on the lovely faces of Yuri & Sakura, so we had them make pies and, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene043

Kahiru is a 19-year-old model who came to us asking to be pied! She starts off in a schoolgirl `sailor` uniform, but strips it off piece・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene044


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene045

AKANE BAREFOOT + MESSY・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene040


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene041

Santa visits Mai on Xmas Eve, and brings her some of the messiest presents she`s ever received: eggs, chocolate sauce and tons・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene042

Junko (`Guess the Goo!`) & Mai (`Pirate Game`) are together again for the first time since `Relaxing by the River` in a sketch written・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene037

Mami is back! (`What Should I Wear?`) She plays the `thumb game`, and when she loses, she gets pies plastered in her face・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene038

Sexy Kana (`Messy in Japan`) and super-hot Yuko (`Schoolgirl & Cheerleader`) team up with our new Pied Bulgarian Girl, Linda・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene039

Welcome our newest model, Japanese Gothic-Punk girl Midori. She`s sexy, AND she came to us ASKING to be pied. Of course we・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene034

Linda (`The Pie Video`) tries to prove she`s truly a Pied ASIAN Girl (even though she`s Bulgarian) by taking a Japan quiz. She wins・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene035

It`s the new scene with Junko and Kana!!! Plus brand new Pied Australian Girl, Jordy!!!・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene036

Ayu, Mai & Kana are back with their shot at the `Not 31` game. One girl each round is pied or coated in chocolate by the others・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene031

Mai and Yuko are back - in a cheerleader uniform and that super-sexy Japanese schoolgirl `sailor` uniform, plus tons of pie, slime,・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene032

Midori`s back with her good friend Junchan! Both of them are in schoolgirl uniforms, playing the pirate game to see who gets pied,・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene033

Linda from Bulgaria is back (`The Japan Quiz`) and this time she`s competing against her Brazilian friend Luce. They play the ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene028

Yuki plays a Japanese high school girl who just can`t remember to do homework even when the teacher threatens punishment・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene029

Mega-cute Mai teams up with sexy Kyoto girl Junko (from the GUESS THE GOO video.) They play two girls tired after work who・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene030

Mai, Kana, and very cute newcomer Ayu all put on traditional Japanese `yukata` - and then trash them with pies, slime, chocolate, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene025

RIE IN "PIE LOTTERY"・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene026

Maria and Mai are back again. This time Mai is writer AND director! It`s a comedy sketch with Mai as an eye doctor who tricks a・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene027

Mai is back with advice for newcomer Yuko who might be our hottest pied Japanese girl so far. Her reactions are priceless.・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene022

Junko`s back! And she`s got 2 new Japanese girls to train! They compete in 3 different games where losers get pied, slimed・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene023

Brazilian pie girl Luce and Bulgarian pie girl Linda are back! Last time they played with shaving cream, but this time it`s heavy, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene024


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene019


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene020

Meet our 2 newest girls, Momo & Aoi! They play `foot-bowling`, the `look over there` game & finally the `sole-writing` game, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene021

Our newest girl is actually an old friend from the `Pie Party` days! She had a craving for a pie in the face, so we gave her ・・販売終了

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene016

Japanese goth-girl Midori does `cos-play` and pies with our friend, Mercury. They both end up pied in the face several times・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene017

Junko, Aika & Rika team up again for a sketch about 2 schoolgirls who get a messy & humiliating lesson from a sexy ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene018

Midori (our resident goth girl) and her friend Junchan are back! And this time they both show a lot more skin! Tons of great ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene013

After a hard afternoon of pies in the park, Maria and Mai retire to the PiedAsianGirls Mansion where they relax by stripping down ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene014

Noriko is a girl who went looking for a pie in the face... and she found us. We starts with Jenga and ends up in a game・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene015

MAMI IN "WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?"・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene010


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene011

GUESS THE GOO・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene012

PIES IN THE PARK・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene007

MAMI IN "MESSING AROUND"・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene008

The night before helping me with a pie shoot, Maria confessed her desire to experience pies to the face, ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene009

MARIA IN "THE BATHTUB"・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene004

3 GIRLS IN OSAKA-NOT 31・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene005


# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene006

3 GIRLS IN OSAKAⅡ-NOT 31・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene001

THE ENGLISH QUIZ. The sexy Akane is back. She plays a quiz game where she must know the English translation ・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene002

WHAT'S IN THE SLIME・・・続きを見る(Continue)

# Enjoy!Wet&Messy Scene003



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