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Y234 【CASE 6】

Creator:Fetish LAB.
Scene time:about14min

Price 880yen

"FetishLABふぇちらぼ"【CASE 6】彼女が駅を出て家までの道中もよおしてしまった日。どうにか堪えて家に到着するも、ホッとしたのか尿意は爆発寸前。ズボンを下ろすこともままならず、とりあえず隣の浴槽に避難。しかし、そこでダムは決壊しズボンもパンツもあられもない状態に…。彼女はそこで諦めて、シャワーの蛇口をひねる。汚れた衣服を洗い流し、いっそ清々しい気持ちで髪まで洗う。「どうせシャワー浴びるんだし、このまま洗ってしまえ。」と。(日向コメント:まず謝ります!画角失敗しました。精進します。帰り道でトイレに行きたくなる事って、私的にあるあるなんですよね。特にお酒を楽しんだ帰り道。「ああ、お店出る前にトイレ行っておくべきだったな」と後悔する事しばしば。そんな日常の出来事からヒントを得て撮った動画です!実はこんな事ってあったりするんじゃないだろうか?そんな妄想から生まれた作品^^)

【CASE 6】One day, she had to pee on the way home after leaving the station.She somehow managed to hold it in until she got home. However, as soon as she walked through the front door, she felt a sense of relief and her urge to pee was on the verge of exploding.She couldn't even take her trousers off, so she took refuge in the bathtub next door.However, the dam broke and her trousers and underwear were soaked...She gave up and turned on the shower tap. She rinsed her dirty clothes and, feeling refreshed, even washed her hair. "I'm going to take a shower anyway, so I might as well just wash it."(Hinata's comment: First of all, I apologize! I failed at the angle. I will work harder. For me, it's common to feel the need to go to the toilet on the way home. Especially on the way home after enjoying some drinks. I often find myself regretting, "Ah, I should have gone to the toilet before leaving the bar." This video was inspired by such everyday occurrences! Could something like this actually happen? This work was born from such a fantasy ^^)

【CASE 6】有一天,她在回家的路上突然想小便。她設法堅持到了家。然而,一進門,我就有一種如釋重負的感覺,感覺自己快要爆炸了。她驚慌失措。我去旁邊的浴缸洗澡。然而,大壩決堤,他的褲子和內褲都被水浸濕了。她放棄了,打開淋浴水龍頭。她沖洗了髒衣服,感覺神清氣爽,又洗了頭。 “首先,我要去洗澡,清洗一下身體。”(日向評論:首先我向大家道歉!我在角度上失敗了。我會更加努力。對我來說,回家路上想上廁所是很常見的,尤其是喝完酒回家的路上,我常常會後悔,「啊,我應該先去廁所的」離開酒吧。」這個影片的靈感來自於這樣的日常事件!這樣的事情真的會發生嗎?這部作品就是在這樣的幻想中誕生的^^)

【CASE 6】그녀가 역을 나와 집까지의 도중에 화장실에 가고 싶어진 날.집에 도착할 때까지 어떻게든 참을 수 있었다. 그러나 현관을 들어가면 안심했는지 폭발 직전.바지를 낮추기도 하지 않고, 우선 옆의 욕조에 피난.그러나, 거기서 댐은 붕괴해 바지도 바지도 흠뻑 젖은 상태로…그녀는 거기에 포기하고 샤워 수도꼭지를 비틀었다. 더러운 옷을 씻어 내고 차분한 느낌으로 머리카락까지 씻는다. 「어차피 샤워를 하고, 이대로 씻어 버린다」라고.(히나타 코멘트 : 우선 사과드립니다! 화각이 실패했습니다. 정진합니다.,술을 즐긴 돌아가는 길에서 화장실에 가고 싶어지는 일은 사적으로 있는 거예요. "아, 가게 나가기 전에 화장실 가야 했어"라고 후회하는 일 이 있습니다. 그런 일상의 사건으로부터 힌트를 얻어 찍은 동영상입니다!실은 이런 일이 있거나 하는 것이 아닐까?그런 망상으로부터 태어난 작품^^)

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