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Y34 お風呂で読書する彼女とそれを堪能する俺1

Creator:Fetish LAB.
Scene time:00:26:29

Price 2,599yen

「え?本、音読してる♪」まさかの音読!!よくよく聞くと、服を着たまま入っているらしい。元々ちょっと変わった子だなーとは思ってたけど、不思議過ぎる。「ねぇねぇ、今度一緒に入ってもいい?見たい。」「うん。いいよ!今夜一緒にはいろっ♡」そんな今日の彼女はワインレッドのたてセタにベージュのスカートを着ていた。本当にこのまま入るの?靴は…履かないよね。" "

【She is reading in the bath & I enjoy her bath time.】My girl like to take a long bath. She taking a bath really long time! One day, I ask her “Hey, you always take a bath so long time. What doing in bath room?” She said “what? I’m reading. I reading out loud the book. And I take a bath wearing clothes ♪ It’s fun!”
Oh,no! What a surprise! I know she is unique girl. But I didn’t know that. It’s so curious! So I ask her “sometimes can I take a bath with you?” She said “Sure! How about tonight?” Today, she wearing wine-red sweater and beige skirt. I still can’t believe that she take a bath wearing clothes and reading out loud the book."

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